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Hello and welcome to my latest venture long island dj school.

For 30 years i’ve been providing the best dj services on long island. and i was thinking about my own experiences.

The business has certainly changed from where it was at that time.  I am fortunate to have supportive parents who were in a position to  put their  money and support  behind my dream.   Well it’s not that difficult anymore.    Dj’ing has become an affordable sport for anyone who has the patience and determination to win.    I started to play when i was 12.  I learned how to beat match without flashing lights or a counter, or a sync button.  I had to train my ear to determine how fast the song was going.  I even matched beats on cassette tapes.

At Long Island Dj school we teach you how to get involved in the game at a minimal cost.

For information on on our services please send us an email at  or call (631) 353-0235.

Be the future of dj services long island

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To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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