An Interview with Paul Cassella about Dj Lessons

Q- What is LI Dj School?

A- We are a disc jockey school that teaches the aspiring dj the tools of the trade though our dj lessons. I teach you what you want to learn.

Q-  Where are you located?

A-  Haha- We don’t have a physical location.  We come to your house and teach you the classes from your living room.

Q-  What seperates you from other schools?

A- I remember being in the classroom and remember how difficult is was to concentrate.  We got rid of the desks, chalkboards, garbage cans and replaced them with a new enviornment that enhances learning.  You get one on one attention from an experienced instructor.

Q-  I have some previous experience do I have start at the 1st class?

A-I have a class structure in place but like i said YOU LEARN what you want too.

Q- Do i need to purchase any equipment?

A-You need to own a pair of noise canceling headphones with a long cord (because your probably going to be dancing)  I don’t recommend purchasing equipment ahead of time.   If you get to the third class i’m going to want you to purchase the mixtrack pro (currently at $300) or a similar inexpensive controller.  The next thing i would get is a laptop because carrying a computer around is a drag.

Q-  What is your experience?

I have 25+ years as a mobile disc jockey.  I’ve seen the equipment change from tapes to computers.  I’ve influenced people around me to start and i feel when i’m given someone’s ear, i make it as easy as possible.  I encourage people to take a dj lesson with me.

Paul Cassella, Owner & Teacher