Session 1

Then we get into Virtual DJ 8 (the latest version) .  We talk about what the important buttons do, the play/pause, stop , sync.  We talk about headphone volume, etc.  Then we talk about song selection.  What songs are best to play with others according to BPM (beats per minute)  .  We look at wave forms and talk about a plan to mix songs together.   We spend a lot of time looking at the clicker that shows beats 1-4.  Work on getting songs to one, and getting the songs on the same beat or beat matching.  Then talking about dragging the mix slider across.  

We also talk about the difference between headphones and live.  We get people used to playing live by bringing speakers so new students can get used to two things going on at the same time and adjusting.  We highly recommend a set of headphones as the only item to purchase.  I like to get people comfortable before I recommend purchasing any equipment.