There are plenty of advantages from taking dj classes from Paul Cassella.
I don’t want to sound cocky or anything but I simply can get you going on the right path with our dj classes.
THE HOOKUP-  I am one of the most generous people you will ever meet.  So ask me to hook you up and i will definitely do my best.   I shouldn’t have to go into detail on that one.

ADVICE-  I’ve established a blueprint on how to get started on the ground level of Dj’ing.  I feel by following my classes and advice you can save time and money on the sport of Dj’ing

ADVANCEMENT-  I want you all to succeed because i’m not going to be around forever.  There is plenty of work out there for everyone.   If you want to go out on a gig with me.  I always take my students one at a time  for free.  It’s not mandatory but its a great way to see what i do and why i’m in a position to teach others.    As my two businesses continue to grow there are plenty of opportunities in my both businesses to succeed.     If your interested in being a teacher or a dj at Hamptons Dj.  These are real opportunities and i’m excited to bring my students in as entry level djs.  If you want to grow with my companies you can do just that.
​Where do i post dj mixes?
Wherae do i post my dj mixes? Ok so it sounds good in the bedroom and i’m ready for exposure.  I want to get my name out there.  As i told you early in the first class you need a good Dj name.  Something fun and marketable.  I decided to name myself Djdealeyo after being a big fan of Busta Rhymes song “Put Your Hands Up Where My Eyes can See”  where he says alot What the deale yo.  I thought it was clever and here i am.  You need to decide your name do it before you post your first mix.