Controllers-  In a world that contains many options.  We try to put our disc jockeys in the right direction when it comes to equipment.  With that said.  At the current time we recommend 2 controllers.

MIXTRACK PLATITUM-  Currently retails at $250.  Paul does not own the platitnum but he currently owns the mixtrack 2, and the mixtrack pro.  I know it is a reliable controller and it's perfect for learning.  I'd recommend the new unit but if you can get the mixtrack 2 or the mixtrack you can go that route.  Just as long as the unit has an audio out on the back.

Denon MC 4000- In 2018, I received the Denon MC4000.  I wanted more functions.  This unit is a little more expensive but good to learn on also.

Ask me about other controllers.  Paul recommends controllers that work with VDJ8 and are two channel and are easy to understand.